This has definitely been the year of performance royalties with unexpected amounts received for several tracks that I played on years ago that received airplay throughout UK and Europe. It has made me revisit these old performances which I had not listened to for many years. I don't generally like to look back but I am quite proud of my playing on all those tracks and it is nice to get a financial reward after all the years that have passed. I got contacted by a publishing company based in the UK and they were able to finalise all the paperwork. I had actually forgotten the arrangements to many of those tracks that were recorded so long ago. I still actually own the Yamaha 9000 kit that was used on the recordings but many of the cymbals have long been replaced.

I have also recently updated the Videos link on my website with two televison performances. One is with EMI recording artist Aleesha Rome who had a Top 20 hit with One Of Us Have Changed. The performance is from Hey Hey Its Saturday and the other video is with Sony recording artist Shannon Noll performing the song Drive on the Sunrise show when Shannon's album was No 1 on the Australian charts. Check them out on the video link.

Getting close to the end of another busy year and am off to Noumea in a couple of weeks. The calls are still coming in for live gigs and teaching enquiries have banked up again where I have a waiting list with students asking if I can also teach them on Sundays. Unfortunately the short answer is No as that is my family time. Had a lovely Fathers Day recently spent with my lovely wife and beautiful daughter.