Half way through the year and I am having a short break before the school term commences next week. Since my last post I have attained the position of teaching drums to the students at Marist Woolwich and I am enjoying it. The staff have made me feel most welcome and the school must have one of the best clear views of Sydney Harbour that I have ever seen.Thanks to the Music Co-Ordinator - Ms Eva Spata for offering me the position.Look forward to teaching the fantastic students.

Many of my private students are preparing for their Trinity Exams which will occur at the end of the year and I have no doubt that like last year that several of them will attain excellent results. I would like to mention some that have really excelled so far this year - Sophie Elsmore, Kieran Hutchinson, Alex Wang, Jarrah Aleksandrovics, William Byrne, Joe and Jack Slade.
I feel very lucky to see so many students playing with a lot of finesse and technique for such a young age. I have also been helping an outstanding young drummer called Jacques Lategan who has a beautiful touch as a player and excellent technique. His knowledge and influences are first rate and he has a lot of potential for the future. He has a lot of "old school" in him and this puts him in a different category to most drummers at his young age.

I recently bought a copy of Peter Gabriel's Back To Front live dvd and was able to revisit the playing and skill of Manu Katche. A player that I first heard on Gabriel's So album. One of the many albums that I probably played along to a couple of hundred times back in the late 80's.

JULY  2014