Happy New Year to all. Six months has flown by and I have finally had a chance to update this news page. Finished off the year with some excellent results achieved by my drumming students in their Trinity drumset exams at Kings School Parramatta. Without listing every name nearly all my students scored a result of 80 or above in their exams. An outstanding achievement and well done to all the students who put in a solid effort for such a result. Most teachers in my field are happy to get one student scoring over 80 - to have eight from nine students is something I am most proud of.
I am also happy to announce that as at mid December 90% of my teaching spots have been pre-booked so it looks like 2014 will be a busier teaching year than 2013. It actually suits me fine as I have grown tired of performing and no longer wish to be associated with people that were probably mistreated by their parents as children and now are looking to take it out on someone else. One of the main reasons I am self employed.

I was happy to catch up with my old teacher and mentor Chad Wackerman whilst he was on tour with Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) a few months back. He played fantastic on the night and is simply a world class drummer. My three years studying with Chad were the most productive time in terms of improvement in technique and he helped put me up at the level which I have worked hard to achieve. His lessons, tips and advice are something I use on a regular basis with many of my old students. I have updated a photo with Chad after the show on my gallery page.

Listening wise I have spent some spare time listening to the genius of Jeff Lynne. I was an Electric Light Orchestra fan back in the 70's but probably took a lot of those songs and those great melodies for granted. The hits are timeless and makes me remember listening to the American Top 40 countdown that was on radio every Sunday morning. Jeff was not only the songwriter for ELO but also produced hits for many artists in his later career as a producer.