Back to a new year and it has started the same as 2014 where my teaching studios are almost full and only the first week in term one. I did a little teaching over the Christmas break but mainly tried to re-charge my batteries. The Leichhardt teaching studio is up and running with several high school students from Leichhardt High School and Newington being amongst the first enrolled.

I also want to announce that I had great success with students that sat for their Trinity Drumset Exams in 2014. 90% of students scored over 80 with one student scoring a high distinction mark in Grade 4.They are all to be congratulated and many will sit for their next grade this year. I also have several outstanding drummers at primary and high schools that play at a high standard for their age but did not sit for exams. They also deserve a special mention.

I was also asked to play on some recordings in December/January and I will post them up on my "Listen" page when they are mixed.
I have finally got a facebook page featuring many videos of myself playing in professional settings and some of my own demonstrations. The facebook link is

I am also teaching at several local schools this year and look to continue helping the students there as well.

It is also very satisfying helping a few mature students in their quest to improve their playing and overall the balance is really good with students with the ages from 6  to 50 attending lessons.